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I write to you from the perspective of one who has, for some time now, been coping with long term illness. Sickness imposes limitations. They alter us, but they need not define us. Ultimately mine is a tale of triumph over adversity.

My story of overcoming adversity begins in what was supposed to be an exciting move into a new building, which turned quickly to a nightmare when I fell ill from the toxic chemicals in my workplace. My co-workers shared similar stories as they developed new symptoms daily. However, out of the more than 60 who were affected, only I and one other employee came forward to question management on its stance that there was nothing wrong with the building. The years that followed involved countless medical procedures, a grueling legal proceeding against my employer, and the diagnosis of multiple chemical sensitivity. The long ordeal, its trials, and the resilience that came from finding ways to overcome insurmountable obstacles, are what led me to write this book. I hope that in telling my story about overcoming adversity, others might learn from my experience, and even find their own measure of help and hope through it.

In my book, I offer insight into:

  • How to transcend the tragic effects of illness and triumph over adversity even when there is no immediate cure or complete solution.
  • Ways that people, who are coping with long term illness or other forms of adversity, can discover a better quality of life.
  • How to cope with the challenges that chronic illness can impose on relationships.How to deal with the “it’s all in your head” attitude about such a sickness from friends, family, and other people you meet.
  • How chemicals are increasingly affecting public health.
  • Steps people can take to minimize their exposure to chemicals.Poisoned by Pollution
  • Little-known alternative health treatments that are now available.
  • The difficulties in diagnosing sick-building syndrome.
  • Expanding the definition of ‘healing’ to one that encompasses body, mind, and spirit.

I have slowly learned to overcome the obstacles in my path and live beyond the boundaries of my sickness. I hope my story can help you triumph over adversity in your own life. In the 17 years that I have been coping with long term illness, I have yearned to find ways to thrive despite misfortune, not just to survive. It took me years to learn the skills needed to thrive, but somehow I have managed to do so. In the end, those efforts have not only enlarged me as a person, but they have left me with valuable insights into what is truly important in life. They have ultimately led to a feeling of inner peace. In this sense, my illness has strangely been my making.

I hope my book may somehow inspire you on your journey in life and that it offers some shared hope you may need in overcoming your own obstacles.

The book is not just a re-telling of my illness. It is also the story of how I came to be this new person with a uniquely expanded expression of my soul, and finally, as a result, how I was made into a writer of my own life.